Young Egyptian football players coached in Beast Mode.

Marshawn in Egypt, Marshawn in the desert, Marshawn rapper on top of a camel, but Marshawn never too long Tourist Mode ! After his little escapade to visit Cairo pyramids with his NFL homies, Lynch and his team of American Football Without Barriers had quickly worked for what they came for.

In collaboration with the Egyptian Federation (EFAF), AFWB organized its free camps for young Egyptian football players from Cairo. And Beast Mode did Beast Mode. We easily imagine the Skittles in the eyes of these Cairo young players, who had the pleasure to be coached by a Marshawn Lynch always at 200%, in his proper style

« More you work, More I got payed !! Keep working, keep working for you boys !! » Yelling Marshawn Lynch to his young recruits.

Founded by the Tackle of the Jets Breno Giacomini, Browns TE Gary Barnidge and some of his friends and Ahmed Awadallah, AFWB travels all around the world in partnership with NFL to teach American Football to disadvantage children. Marshawn Lynch was part of the adventure in North Africa for more than 400 children, after he was in Turkey the last year and Brazil (where he didn’t hesitate to give some Beast Love).

After he announced his retirement on Twitter, the futur of Beast Mode still is uncertain because he has still not signed his letter to the Seahawks to formalize his retirement. The player remained discreet, focused on his Fam 1st Family Foundation on the Bay Area.